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  1. O-Man!

    Congrats on our podcast and wishing you all the success in the world.

    Sounded good!

    Will be popping in from time to time.


    Art “Garzmanian Devil” Garza

    1. Thanks Art!! Means a lot coming from you!! I remember your first day on the air at WSHE.. I was painting Brian Kryz’s house and almost fell off my ladder when I heard your voice!! WOW!! Major pipes!!

  2. Awesome!!!! So good to hear your voice again!! Lots of love brotha I’ll check daily for new episodes!!

  3. Glad to see your forging ahead,,,if I can be of any service, you have my contacts,,,we have to have Omelette night, and get the party started,,,what do you think,,,i’ll organize it

  4. Hey omelette. It’s kiss fan Marty. I was just going through old camp omelette photos and then I decided to get online and see if I can find anything about what you’re doing. And I came across this your site this is pretty cool that’s good to hear you again and I really miss yup being on The radio . Hate to mention but I think everything’s gone downhill unfortunately there . lot of life changes for everybody and everything it seems this year so I am glad to see you still doing radio. Now that I found this I’ll check in more often. Have a great year

    1. Meaning KL tea. When I say things have possibly went downhill. Terry Rae timeslot is still traditionally good. The rest seems to be Out of whack, out of SKU . Just lightly mentioning…. just lightly mentioning … Miss the whole fun aspect of omelette and friends in the morning and Rick coats & and totally. All they call in listeners with there nicknames. People seem to be so connected and I enjoyed hearing all the local people with their nickname saying oh we know them. But that’s gone quite a bit so …group … Just another big life change aspect —- ..🕰

  5. FIREBALL here glad to here you up and running again always here in Fife Lake come out for a cocktail sometime later

    1. Thanks for asking! If you shop on-line (amazon).. click through the banner on the right side of my site, then shop away… I get a little kick-back of the amount you spend! …and just keep listening!! -O

  6. First place your radio station doesn’t play 40 different songs a week, and play them at least 2 times in 8 hrs. The only people who listen to your show are unemployed alcoholics.
    Now you guys think that you can replace “Bob and Tom” wrong!

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