#045 The Final Podcast (for now)

Two weeks ago, I announced at Kamp Omelette that Rick Coates and I are going to be hosting the morning show on Northern Michigan’s Classic Rock, The Bear (98.1 & 97.7)!!  I felt it was important to give an explanation of why I’m going to take a break from doing these podcasts and focus all my energy into the radio show!  Thank you all who ever listened to this thing and believed in me!  You’re encouragement and support kept me going!  See you on the radio!  Follow us on The Bear’s facebook page!

One thought on “#045 The Final Podcast (for now)

  1. Bitter Sweet Podcast 😊 It was a treat hearing your lovely wife! The 2 of you make a great team 💞 Sad to say so long for now in the podcast world, but its beyond awesome to be able to hear you and Mr. Rick 5 days a week!! *cheers* to a long journey on Classic Rock, The Bear!! 🐻🐻 The Dynamic Duo together once again!! Happy Days are here again 😀 Thank You for all the laughs! ✌❤

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