#037 Rick Coates / Kamp Omelette

Rick Coates and I sit on the deck on this Sunday morning to discuss the planning of Kamp Omelette 2017 slated for September 8-10! We also talk about my recent trip to Grand Rapids to see Bill Burr and Dean Delray do stand-up at the Fountain St. Church… we recap Cherryfest, talk about Crazy Cat passing away, Kid Rock, my upcoming trip to New England, Brother Wease and people shooting off their own fireworks! Music Credit: 311 from the new album, Mosaic “Till the City’s on Fire” and “Island Sun”

4 thoughts on “#037 Rick Coates / Kamp Omelette

  1. I’ll be recovering from a month of chemo treatments but if I’m well enough I’ll try and make it.

  2. Cookie here: I would love to go to camp Omelette it will be are first time, my husband and I are coming.

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