#032 Just You and Me

Another solo podcast where I talk about attending Puma’s ‘Celebration of Life’ party in Mio, Update you on my job search, Talk about the Detroit Tigers season so far and their television announcers Kirk Gibson vs. Rod Allen, the passing of Don Rickles and my Don Rickles story, Podcasts that I listen to, helping Sebastian with his show (Sebastian Uncensored) from afar, A guy that was literally pulled off a flight, another school shooting in California and advice on the right way to commit suicide!

5 thoughts on “#032 Just You and Me

  1. Unless you have some kind of terminal cancer and you go thru your doctor and talk it over with family first in one of the states that allow you to end your life is the only way to kill yourself.
    There’s way to many hotlines you can call if you’re feeling like harming yourself.

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