#031 Opening Day Special!

This episode is my annual “Opening Day Special”! I was very happy to have a couple of great friends and co-hosts this week… 11 year old Aiden and his dad, Steve Reamer! They came over to celebrate Opening Day and we talked about the Detroit Tigers. We go around the league a little bit… We talk about sports in general and have a lot of laughs along the way! Fun episode! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “#031 Opening Day Special!

  1. Another #PerfectPodcast
    Just what we needed for Opening Day and get the fever spreading 😉 Aiden is a phenomenal young man who knows all about baseball!
    👍👍 Way To Go Aiden!! And youv2 old timers did pretty good too! Ha! ✌❤

  2. I try to listen to every one of your pod cast. I listen streaming through my phone, while i’m at work.

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