#018 Adults Only!

Adults only on this show! Not because what I say but what I play for you on this episode.. there’s some strong language so I just want to give you the heads up! In this episode I talk about my wife’s health scare and why I missed a podcast, rant about going to the gun range, internet trolls trying to take down the Nomadic Fanatic, Kid Rock tour dates in Detroit, Bill Burr and his upcoming special on Netflix, President Elect Inauguration, Comedian Joey “Coco” Diaz’s Periscope, Phone Calls and I play the new Bob Seger tribute song to Glenn Frey, “Glenn Song” at the end. Enjoy! Other song credits: Sammy Hagar – “Red” & Kid Rock – “Lay it on Me”

2 thoughts on “#018 Adults Only!

  1. Another #PerfectPodcast I am hooked!! Keep Pushin’ On!! You are a seasoned Podcaster
    😁👍 Peace & Love *Thanks*

  2. I’ve been into Munson Er so many times lately they know me y first name when I walk in. My nose bleeds led me to go in and get checked out finding out I had Leukemia. I’ve been watching Eric & Jax for a while, I see nothing wrong with him or his channel. A couple other YT channels to watch are TheDailyWoo, he travels in his RV travels around to roadside attractions. Also TheCarpetBagger, he does basically the same thing.

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