#013 Nomadic Fanatic


My guest today is Eric Jacobs… better known as the Nomadic Fanatic!! I’m a big fan of his YouTube channel! Check it out and subscribe! He lives in his RV with his cat, Jax.. and travels around the US and Canada while posting videos of what he’s up to! He was a great guy and an interesting guest! I also begin the podcast with a sort of year in review and stuff to look forward to in the new year! Bring on 2017!! I also give a mini review of Rogue One (A Star Wars Story)… I don’t give any spoilers, just if I liked it or not! Thanks everyone! …and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

16 thoughts on “#013 Nomadic Fanatic

  1. Hi – I follow Nomadic Fanatic’s adventures on his You Tube site and I discovered a link to your Podcast on his channel! Thanks for a grrr8 interview with Eric…I enjoyed your conversation!! 🙂

  2. Yep, same here. I’ve been watching Nomadic Fanatic since before he even got his degree. He’s had his ups and downs, but life is good for him now. Yay! I linked into this from his Facebook account. Great interview. I’ll keep a weather eye out for your other podcasts.

  3. Enjoyed the podcast. I’ve followed Eric on YouTube for about a year now and enjoy his adventures on the road. Your interview was both informative and entertaining.

  4. Really enjoyed your convo with Eric. Thanks for having him on your podcast. I’m here because of Eric, but I have your page bookmarked now and will check back often to listen in. Once again Nomadic Fanatic has broadened my world!

    1. Live and Let Live, Paul! Are you one of those internet trolls? Sounds like it! If you don’t like him… don’t watch him! This is America. Honestly, where do you find the time? Go and help something or somebody. Sheesh! -O

    2. TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL – You’ve never known a friend or loved one that did drug experimentation at some time in their life, got in a fight, slapped someone, shop lifted, stole a car, broke into an empty house, sold drugs? I do! People I know and love have made mistakes. Some of the reports found on Eric represent a statute he fell under to be indicted but do not tell any of us the details. Even if some of the reports are real, the Trolls have added to them so that the next troll sees them and take it out of context using Eric’s videos and makes it look like he is saying something else. The next Troll sees this and does a video and states that Eric is trash and a beggar then it starts to look really bad. The joke is on you Trolls because you end up Trolling yourselves. Like anyone else, Eric has moved on in his life and bettered himself and he does a service for people which is very entertaining. I’m hooked. Now the trolling has led to him having even more subscribers. His subscriber count has tripled since this Trolling started a couple years back. Are people not allowed to recover from negativity and rehabilitate themselves to serve others? Have you not made one mistake in your life. I guess you are perfect? I made some bad choices in my life many years ago. I have moved on. I have worked in the patient care industry for 25 years giving back to society and so is Eric. If he was continuing to victimize people we would have a different story. All you are doing is saying, “Hey, look at the successful youtube celeb! He got in trouble 10 years ago! He made a mistake! Don’t watch him anymore as he has proven that he is not perfect like me!!” I wonder what you have in your closet? TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL

  5. Check out Eric Jacobs’ AKA Eric Holien’s felony convictions and sentences at the Washington State Court Website (Thurston County).

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