4 thoughts on “#005 Vic McCarty and more!

  1. Vic and I worked together at 7&4. Nice guy. He used to do his show for Michigan Radio Network from the WaterFront Inn when my wife ran the place so he should remember Kathy Boonstra / Dell too 🙂 Great show o-man! Keep em coming!

  2. Hello Omelette,
    I live downstate in Macomb county but I do have a cabin in Antrim county. I have owned the cabin for the past 27 years, located 1 mile west of Alba. When I am up north I would listen to your show.
    A few years back I was alone leaving my cabin very early the morning of Nov 14th traveling solo to the western U.P. on a hunting trip. As always I turned on WKLT ,[it was Finster & Omelette back then] I decided to call in a song request as I was getting on north I-75 at Gaylord. You guys answered my call and we had a nice upbeat conversation that morning, it still sticks with me today especially after you played my SRV request. I remember the radio station fading away as I traveled further north on 75 I was bummed but I did feel like I made a new friend, it really made my day
    George Werthmann
    Chesterfield Mich.

  3. I’ve said this many times before, Your days with Finster in the mornings were some of your best. The 2 of you had it down with Finster and his quick wit comebacks. I’ve told you this many times ,I compared those morning shows to a radio station I listened to out west.

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