#002 TC Super Techs & Your Phone Calls!

Dave VerVane of TC Super Techs sits down with Omelette on a snowy morning to discuss starting your own business, politics, losing weight, Thanksgiving, fixing stuff… then we take your calls!! www.tcsupertechs.com

8 thoughts on “#002 TC Super Techs & Your Phone Calls!

  1. Really enjoyed the 2nd podcast!! The time listening goes by too fast!! Not complaining, just sayin’ Keep up the phenomenal job!!
    Thank You!!

  2. Another great show today! Like many others, I’ve been listening to you since your first day in TC. Consider myself a P1 although I never called into the show. Love to hear the show.

  3. Hey, can a guy get a drink around here ? You rock Oman !!!! Always the highlight of Monday is hearing your upbeat voice.

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