#001 Launch, Big Daddy Tie Dye and Hard Days Robert

As I launch my first ever podcast, old friends of the radio show join me! We discuss leaving radio, President-Elect Donald Trump, TC Police officer Mike Peters controversy, Thanksgiving, Football and Passion for podcasting and radio. Short episode but expect another one on Monday (I’m going to post a new podcast every Monday and Thursday). Thanks for all the support!!

33 thoughts on “#001 Launch, Big Daddy Tie Dye and Hard Days Robert

  1. My husband and I moved back to Lansing and have missed your show befoe it ended, so glad to hear your voice!!! Love O&A to bad there gone now too…

  2. Fantastic show Omelette!!! Wonderful to hear your voice again, good luck with your new venture!

  3. Finally got to listen to the podcast. Couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. I can build anything but I’m electronic stupid lol. So Pay got me hooked up. Can’t wait until Mondays and Thursdays. It was great to hear some familiar voices.😎

  4. Great podcast! It’s really good to hear you again. Can’t wait to hear more. The people REALLY missed you.

  5. Great to hear your voice again Oman. Farmgirl and I wish you and Jill all the best. I can’t wait to hear every show on Monday’s and Thursday’s, and will be spreading the word all that I can. Good luck brother.

  6. Great show, looking forward to listening to the next one! Happy you’re back!

  7. Its great to hear you back on the “air” I like the podcast option to be able to listen at any time. I have always liked the local aspect of the show and I like your take on things.
    I do however have one complaint enough of the “hard days Robert” and “big daddy tie dye” they do not help your show but more detract from it. Please try to class up your show Omelette you deserve better. Hopefully you can make a living doing this and I wish you the very best

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